Township Meetings

   1st & 3rd Monday of each month.

                  Time- 7:00 P.M.

                  Place - Fire  House

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Pike County

Scioto Township, established in 1815. It is a political body that operates under the powers specifically delegated to us by the Ohio General Assembly. The Ohio Revised code (ORC 503.01) grants specific kinds of authority to the 1,300 + townships in Ohio. There are responsibilities that are required for townships to perform, while others are permitted or prohibited. Scioto Township is governed by three elected “Trustees" each serving four year terms. A forth elected official, the Fiscal Officer, also serves a four year term and is independent of the Trustees,but is required by law to work closely with the Trustees.

The Township Trustees are the legislative authority for Scioto Township while the Fiscal Officer’s duties include the recording of township proceedings and recording the finances for the Township. Some of the townships responsibilities to the residents include cemetery management, and  fire department services,and road maintenance. Throughout this website you will find information about these responsibilities as well as township policies, forms and application to better serve the residents of Scioto Township.

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